Drypoint on Zinc etching waxed and freshly dipped in acid.
I love the scent of solvents. 

Drypoint on Zinc etching waxed and freshly dipped in acid.

I love the scent of solvents. 

Guy Gerber

imageA quick sketch I did of Guy Gerber.

This guy has mad style. Im always drawn to drawing subject that display a sense of personal style. Capturing a persons spirit by focusing on ones clothes and fashion sense can be challenging, but I enjoy this challenge. The textures, colors (or rather the lack of), body stance, accessories, and even hair have a way of coming together as whole persona. But many times an artist manages to capture all the main physical characteristics of a subject and still manage to have a piece that falls flat, void of any soul. I know I have had this issue many times. I often find the style in the strokes and line quality to be a great way to give it an extra ‘lil sumtin sumtin.

Not sure about my future plans for this one. At first, I thought I’d like to paint it. But now, I feel like maybe etching this onto a zinc plate and scratching it up a bit for some ink printmaking may give the piece a more interesting finish. 

Oh well, Ill let the idea cook in my head for a bit.

Happy Monday!


This is a recording from my last gig for the AYLI ugly sweater party at the Loft in Public Works, San Francisco.

In addition to using animations from various sources, I filmed some custom content. Totally experimental.
The films were shot in front of a green screen, cleaned up and chromakeyed on Adobe After effects before dropping it into Resolume Arena for some live visual fun.

In my mind and heart, VJ’ing need not be simply eye candy. In fact, we can acknowledge that it not only serves as visual stimulation, but also the purpose of emphasizing the tones in the music that come with these performances. 

There’s something very captivating about live visuals. When the artist is sensitive to these vibrations, he/she can bring forth a sound that would otherwise be in the background. To create visual movement in order to highlight sound.

So much appreciation and love for my model/muse Ara Pederzani.
Like de music? download ——> soundcloud.com/neverdogs/neverdogs-at-music-on-amnesia 

"Bad Vibes" 
  • "Bad Vibes" 
  • Collage.

Year of Love


Did another cover for Trick Track Records!

This VA is so full of upbeat happy sounds. And for those of you who prefer dark tracks full of greasy squidgy sounds, you may just like the last track.

You can feel these vibes by tuning into their soundcloud


Just did a cover for an EP by Trick Track Records

I like these sounds very much.

Heres the Souncloud :)

Happy Sunday!


rightwhereitstartsandends said: Do you go to concordia? I'm a highschool student about to graduate and I was considering concordia for photography. I was wondering if you liked it there or not and what program you're in :)

I used to go to Concordia and I was studying Sociology with a minor in Educational Psycology. It was only after 3 years of studies did I realize I wanted to persue an education and career in Art, I then transfered to Fine Arts.

Concordia is an amazing university. The Fine Arts and design programs are really great. The only ussue is that Concordia is not very interested in building YOUR career as an artist. It is the perfect school for those seeking to be independent artists who want to figure out how to make a living off their art on their own and dont really want guidance when it comes to career building. They dont really force you to learn how to self promote and develop your career (Its kind of up to you to figure that out) But thats great in another way because many artists dont want to have money and career as the sole drive behind their education and would rather learn it solely through actual involvement in the art scene and making art in the studio.

I honestly think Concordia + extreme involvement and networking in such a thriving city like Montreal is the perfect combo if you can build yourself up to the job you want. Go for it!

And goodluck! :)

One of my fave performances by Samia Gamal and Tahya Karyoka.

How awesome are these cheesy, not-so-special effects?

Here a video snippet of my LED light installation for a Vinylmode underground tech house gig at Bspace. 

Its called Daddy Issues.

Went on loop (much like our guests) all night.

This was the first time I live mixed on multiple LED screens and it was so much fun. I seriously cant describe the rush I feel when im live mixing videos to an amazing set.

Like the track in the video? 

download link here —-> klangkuenstler ’s soundcloud!